Chicago Independent Living Retirement Communities

Expert Advice to Find the Best Chicago Retirement Communities & Homes

Choosing a Chicago retirement community for a parent, family member or friend is a process that must be conducted with dignity, care, compassion, and respect. Although the Chicago retirement community maze may seem daunting, we're here to help you find the perfect retirement community for your loved one.

We provide practical information to streamline the process of choosing a retirement community in the Chicago metro area. Our proprietary information, compiled from 10 years in the Chicago senior housing industry, allows us to help you with find a perfect retirement community for your loved one. By completing the preliminary work, we save you time, expense, and alleviate the stress of visiting retirement communities that don't meet your needs.

If you are frustrated by the "free" referral services that are compensated by the retirement communities, we can help! We are an affordable,Chicago retirement community placement service that helps you identify the best Chicago retirement community option for your loved one -not the one that pays the highest commission for the referral. Our allegiance is to the senior and their family, not to the retirement communities.

Why Use Our Chicago Retirement Community Advising Service?
  1. Our Chicago retirement community experts have over 10 years of experience in the senior housing industry.
  2. We recommend Chicago retirement community options of many types to fit all budgets in the Chicago metro area.
  3. We will gladly accompany you on tours of the retirement communities that suit your needs.
  4. The senior's long-term financial realities and medical needs are kept in mind when we prepare options for you. We will not recommend a short-term, senior housing solution.

Let our Chicago retirement community experts ease the burden on you and your loved ones! Call us at (847) 934-5303, or email us at for a Chicago retirement community consultation. Be sure to mention Web code "Chicago Retirement Communities" to receive a discount on our Chicago retirement community services!

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