Geriatric Care Management

The senior living consultants at Chicago Senior Living Advisors will help you plan for the most cost effective and person-centered elder care through their geriatric care management services.

Geriatric Care Management is a personalized service designed to assist family members or other unpaid persons who are caring for an elderly or cognitively impaired loved one. A professional trained and certified in Geriatric Care Management can help clients navigate sometimes complicated decisions and schedules involving non-medical home care, long term care placement, clinical care, insurance, legal documents, and long-term planning -- not to mention unforeseen events. As the bridge between formal and informal care networks, a Geriatric Care Manager can help develop an "integrated service plan" that respects, to the greatest degree possible, the abilities and preferences of the senior and his or her family.

We will complete a face to face assessment of your loved one’s cognitive and functional capabilities and limitations. We also assess his/her formal and informal support systems and environment. A written care plan is developed based on the results of the assessment, including goals and a timeline for their completion After the plan is implemented, we monitor your loved one’s progress and make the necessary adjustments to the plan. We will always include your loved one’s input though the entire process if possible.

The following is a list of elder care services that our Certified Geriatric Care Managers can provide to ensure that your loved one’s physical and mental well-being is maintained at the highest possible level:

  1. Speak with the family members and the senior to perform a multi-dimensional, functional screening that assesses the older adult’s mental and physical capabilities, as well as the formal and informal support systems that are in place.
  2. Present recommendations in a written format with regard to the services that need to be implemented to strengthen those support systems. We implement services according to the least expensive but most cost-effective manner.
  3. Interview and help select a non-medical home care agency.
  4. Confer with hospital staff to determine if a senior may return home after a hospital stay. If the senior needs to partake in Medicare certified rehabilitation services, we can help select the rehab. community, coordinate the transfer, and track the senior’s progress until time of release.
  5. If the senior needs to confer with a legal specialist or financial consultant, I can coordinate the meeting with professionals who are outstanding in their fields of specialization.
  6. Read the senior’s mail, pay bills, and negotiate problems that may arise during the process of bill payment.
  7. Negotiate claims payments form Medicare and act as a liason to the senior’s long term care insurance company, if any.
  8. Perform well-being checks in the senior’s home or long-term care community to observe if the care is being appropriately delivered. Attend all quarterly care plan meetings with the long term care community staff and report to the family.

The above list is not all inclusive. We will assist your senior loved one with any reasonable request.

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