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Andrea Donovan has completed the National Certified Guardianship designation, which demonstrates her knowledge of Guardianship concepts and ethics, as well as her commitment to keeping pace with the latest information and standards in protecting and serving clients.

Guardianship is a legal process whereby a court appoints a qualified individual, such as Andrea, the authority to make decisions on behalf of a person who is deemed to be legally incapacitated. The Guardian's ward (the person she is protecting) doesn’t have the capability to make decisions about his or her personal care or finances.

Persons in need of Guardianship normally fall into three categories: (1) elderly persons with decisional disabilities, (2) non-seniors who are developmentally disabled, physically incapacitated, or otherwise have decisional disabilities, and (3) persons who suffer from mental illness.

Andrea is a member of the
National Guardianship Association National Guardianship Association

and the
Illinois Guardianship Association .
Illinois Guardianshp Association

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The Guardian must protect the rights of the ward and yet allow the ward to function in the least restrictive setting without the danger of harm. The Guardian acts as the ward's:

  • Advocate
  • Surrogate Decision Maker
  • Coordinator and Monitor of Services
  • Financial Planner
  • Professional Practitioner

The appointment of the Guardian should only take place after less restrictive alternatives have been considered. These alternatives include

  1. The designation of a Power of Attorney who has the right to make decisions if a person is incapacitated
  2. Representative payee
  3. Advanced Directives
  4. Limited or Temporary Guardianship

If none of the alternatives to Guardianship are appropriate for the ward, we are certified to act as Guardian of the Person or Guardian of the Estate.

Guardianship of the Person

The responsibilities of the Guardian of the Person include but are not limited to
assessment of the ward’s needs, creating an appropriate Guardianship plan, choosing and monitoring appropriate living arrangements, and arranging for ancillary services. The Guardian has ongoing responsibilities such as monitoring care, authorizing or refusing medical treatment, promoting the well-being of the ward, and protecting the ward from harm.

Guardianship of the Estate

Likewise serving to protect the rights and best interests of his or her ward, the Guardian of the Estate manages the ward's property and assets.

Many times, a family member will step forward and take on the Guardianship responsibilities. But, there are times when a ward has no family or a family member doesn't want to act (or isn't competent to act) as a Guardian. In other cases, family members might not be located in the same city, state or region as the ward, thus requiring nearby help.

We are a private Guardian. Our fees are charged to the ward's estate

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