Harp Performance Services

Andrea Donovan playing harpMusic may be the best medicine at any age!

Oliver Sacks, MD, FRCP, the author of Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, wrote that inspiration to think and write about music first came to him in 1966, when he saw the proud effects of music on patients with severe Parkinson’s Disease. Today scientists and clinicians now understand more and more about why persons with various neurological conditions (be it Alzheimer’s Disease of the effects of stroke, etc.) often respond powerfully and specifically to music – even when they might respond to little else. The connections between our auditory system and brain are intricate and fascinating. And they can play a very positive role in uplifting our mood and physical well-being.

For these reasons and more, ADSLA is pleased to offer musical performances on the Harp to audiences in senior living communities. These may include stand-alone concerts or musical accompaniment to holiday showcases and other major special events. Musical performances may include classical music, pop favorites, even a little Rock ‘n Roll.

I began playing the Harp when I was 12 years old, and after a long hiatus that included college and my married years, recently returned to intensive study and professional training. I own a Troubadour harp which has 36 strings; its sharps and flats are manipulated by levers near the top of the harp. I more recently purchased and play on a Lyon and Healy Chicago Petite harp which has 40 strings; its sharps and flats are controlled by foot pedals.

I have played for weddings, community events, and various activities at senior living communities. My experience includes being a participant in the Midwest Harp Festival, which featured an ensemble comprised of about 37 harpists at different levels. I still continue to study and perform in all of my instructor’s shows as the only adult student who performs. I would love to share the beauty of the harp with you and your senior clients and loved ones.

Again, an ADSLA engagement may be a stand-alone concert or musical accompaniment to your next major event. Harp performances may include classical music, popular favorites, or even a little Rock ‘n Roll. Contact Andrea at (847) 934-5303 to discuss a booking.