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Andrea Donovan

  • We'll help you select the best senior living option for a loved one.
  • We'll also gladly provide follow up service once your loved one has been placed in a community.
Selecting the Best Senior Living Options in the Chicago Metro Area

Selecting a senior community involves a series of time-consuming steps. Our senior housing specialists will

  1. Figure out what type of community fits your loved one's needs (independent living, assisted living, or nursing home)  
  2. Compile a list of potential senior living options that provide the necessary services
  3. Narrow the list down to a smaller set that matches the senior’s needs, budget, and preferences
  4. Compare the available options for you in a presentation
  5. Schedule tours and attend them with you, if desired
  6. Assist you with understanding admissions procedures

We can provide coaching, so that you can "do it yourself" efficiently or we can help you thru each step of the process. Our expertise will save you hours doing research and making phone calls. It's up to you ... We provide as much or as little help as you want.

Follow Up Services

Once your family member has been placed in a senior living community, you may worry about how well s/he is adapting to the facility. You may worry about your loved one's health or the care s/he is receiving - especially if you live far away or cannot visit on a regular basis. We can help ease your worries and save you travel costs by

  • Attending care plan meetings
  • Visiting the resident (planned or unannounced) to assure that proper care is being delivered
  • Providing written and/or oral report of visits
  • Addressing post placement problems
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