Privacy Policy

Like we touched on in the Disclaimer, we do not share what people share with us on our Website unless they give us express permission to do so. And we would love to share good things, so we will not only ask but also make sure you get full credit.

We do not collect website data from our visitors for any purpose other than as explained herein. Things like IP addresses, URL’s, browser histories, cookies and whatnot just do not matter to us. We really would not know what to do with them even if we were 100% sure what they were. Our webmasters, domain providers, and other contractors may collect this data as that is something they may do in their ordinary course of business. What we may look at are things like the number of visitors, how they might have found our Website, and when and how long they lingered. It’s not so we can track people down, but we would like to use the general information to make our Website easier to find and more helpful to visit.