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Andrea Donovan - Dynamic Speaker

More than 44 million Americans are currently caring for an elderly loved one. Over one-third of those individuals are working. Many people find themselves trying to juggle their careers, tend to their own families, and care for a senior. It is a problem that almost everyone will have to face.

People delay addressing issues with senior loved ones due to guilt, denial, and the fear of limiting a senior’s independence. When the senior experiences a life-changing event, it is always a crisis. The solution to the problem needs to be addressed immediately. The senior is normally facing financial challenges as well.

Andrea Donovan's free presentation, “Senior Living Myths Unmasked – Separating Fact from Fiction,” addresses what can be a daunting task: finding the right senior living option for a loved one. Andrea has evaluated more than 250 senior communities in the Chicago metro area, and will prepare audience members for what they may encounter during their senior living search. This presentation is ideal for anyone caring for an elderly loved one.

Would your senior group enjoy a presentation that’s factual and fun? “Senior Living Trends/Safe Exercise for Seniors” is a presentation involving two topics. It combines the facts about current senior living options with a demonstration of exercises that can be done at home. Andrea is a senior living advisor who teaches dance as a part-time hobby. Audiences absolutely love her tap-dancing demonstration!

Custom made presentations on specific topics can be prepared upon request.

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