Terms of Service

Sorry to disappoint, but we really don’t have a whole lot of terms and conditions. No one is agreeing with anyone about much of anything by visiting our Website, except of course for all the onerous terms we have already written about herein, and in the Privacy Policy and in the Disclaimer. We can and just might change these Terms and the rest of it whenever we wish. We reserve all the rights we have, had or will have. We might even hire a fancy pants attorney to rewrite everything herein and use all kinds of bright shiny words like force majeure, waiver and severability. We’re just waiting for a little more of that divine inspiration.

If you read all the way to here, you are a diligent, disciplined person of the highest intellect and moral standard. Congratulations and a hardy handshake is yours for the asking. Too bad delivery of the foresaid is in no way feasible or guaranteed, so you’ll just have to settle for a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Thank you.